Get to know the difference that is Maplewood Benefits.

We are a service driven organization, not a sales operation.

We are a trusted, knowledgeable, and accessible Employee Benefits Brokerage & Consulting firm who will personally partner with your organization.  We focus on a long term partnership versus maximizing short term sales revenue.

Are you feeling sold versus serviced?

Do you and your staff have easy access to responsive and knowledgeable service?

Recruiting and retaining high value employees is key to your business success.
We understand the value of your employees as well as the high cost of benefit plans.
Achieving the maximum value for both employees and the employer is our ongoing objective.

Communication & Training

Employee benefits are complicated and often misunderstood. Maplewood Benefits prioritizes employee communication with multiple levels of access.

Employer specific branded resources are developed to assist you in your hiring process, annual open enrollment, staff meeting updates, COBRA and more. 

Onboarding a new employee involves many pieces of information being communicated to your new hire. Providing useful benefit resources along with direct access to Maplewood Benefits is key to their benefits satisfaction. 

Consumerism & Wellness

Engaged consumers will make better decisions for their health outcomes and overall benefits value.

How to engage the consumer is the challenge! Most people are not interested in employee benefits until either they are sick, they are receiving unforeseen billing, or they are seeing dollars contributed from their paycheck.

Maplewood Benefits will actively communicate and educate using financial incentives, social media, personalized benefit summaries, staff meetings, account specific email reminders, webinars, website blogs and more. Employees will understand they can use Maplewood Benefits to access information throughout the plan year, not simply a meeting provided at open enrollment.

Each employee is different therefore “wellness” is also quite different for each staff member. Understanding the staff demographic, your company culture and the best forms of engagement will assist us in creating a wellness strategy that is targeted to your organization.


Scheduled employee wellness programs were not successful.  Allison negotiated the ahealthyme rewards program for our plan.  Employees are now actively engaged with wellness challenges, most wear fitness trackers, the average participant is receiving $200 in annual rewards.  Easy to manage with employee engagement = WIN
HR Manager