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PiggyBankMy Health Care Options  MA State Resource for Cost and Quality Comparison

Healthcare Blue Book   National Cost Comparison Tool

Consumer Reports “Healthcare Prices Are All Over The Map”

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Money Saving Tips!

24 Hour Advice Lines & WebMD

Up in the night with a crying newborn?  Unsure about a new rash or symptom?  Call the 24 Advice Line with your questions before heading to an Emergency Room.  Is there advice that can help or an Urgent Care option that will save you long wait times and high ER copays and deductibles?  Use this free resource for many of your health care questions.

Not all generics are available for $4 but many are, use this link or contact your local Walmart pharmacy.

Mail Order Your Routine Medications – Pros and Cons Reviewed

TeleMedicine – Electronic access to medicine can be a game changer.

Remember to Claim Your Fitness Reimbursement – Links provided on Resources page

Many plans offer car seat savings, bike helmet discounts and more.  Be safe and be aware of your best value.